it’s a mone-misu!

This dress wasn’t in my original summer plan, but it was a nice quick make. I cut it out and sewed most of the bodice together on Sunday, sewed the neckline and armholes on Monday, made and attached the skirt on Wednesday, and hemmed it yesterday. It’s made from a rayon knit from Mood Fabrics, which feels super-comfortable to wear!

Since this is the Franken-pattern week, I did use two different patterns for this, though I did modify both parts. The top is based on the Colette Moneta dress, and the bottom is based on the Cake Tiramisu dress. For the Moneta top, I squared off the neckline and added seams down the center of both the front and back of the outside pieces. Since I wasn’t doing the collar, but I still wanted to line the top, I also had to tweak the clean finish directions a bit–I did that around the neckline, and the lower half of the armholes, but I had to hand-stitch the top of the armholes closed. For the skirt, I cut both halves on the fold instead of seaming it down the middle like the original pattern. It’s a pretty plain and simple dress overall, but I think it’ll be a good one to play with accessories. Especially since the color is much brighter and cheerier than the average neutral solid knit dress! Also, it has pockets, and those are infinitely useful. Right?












And here’s a closer-up view of the top, with the seaming changes. For a little more information about this dress (including the much geekier use I have coming up for it), you can take a look at the post on my blog. Thanks for looking!

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