mon bel briar

When I read about the Franken challenge many ideas ran through my mind.

A trouser: Mixing the Colette Clover with the Named Jamie  and the Papercut Peter&thewolf

A blouse: Mixing the Deer&Doe Datura with Airella or the Tilly&thebuttons Mathilda with AimecommeMarie Mademoiselle.

None off this became reality.

On wednesday I had to make a decision: time was not my friend any more. Running through my fabric I come across a t-shirt and a blouse discarded by my youngest daughter.

the discarded t-shirt and blouse

Than the idea was born: Franken in the overdrive.

I made a mix of patterns combined with a mix of fabric. It became the mon bel briar: using the body and the sleeves from the Briar making from the t-shirt and one of the collars from the Moneta extras and the sleeve cuff from the Belcarra from the blouse.

the front

the back

Sewing was easy. But unfortunately than I saw a little hole in the body: it really was tiny but I had too fix it. First I had the idea of making a screw just like the one Frankenstein is wearing in his neck. But when I was sitting behind my sewing machine I saw two stitches and eureka: why not make a scar. I made two black scars and I’m very happy with the result.

the scar in the front

the scar in the back

Friday evening when I was finishing my Frankend Briar our youngest daughter came home to spend the weekend with us. She immediately recognized her two pieces that were cut up.

And what is the end of the story: my youngest daughter just loves this garment. Never thought this would happen: after restyling she got her discarded clothes back.

nicely folded for my daughter to take it home with her


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