Jedediah Shorts and Pants!

After my success of making myself jeans the other week, Mr M decided he wanted some too. I was going to try and take a pattern off one of his existing pairs, but then decided that I would try a pattern by Thread Theory Designs Inc., the Jedediah Pants!

Calling them “Pants” is still really odd to me. To me, pants are underwear, things that I would wear underneath my clothes, not my trousers themselves, but this pattern calls for Pants, and so Pants they are.

These were a surprise present for Mr M, and so that made them a little tricky, I couldn’t test them out as I was making them very easily, so took measurements off some of his existing jeans, and adjusted the pattern accordingly. The pattern is for a slim fitting style, so I had to be careful as a) Mr M has quite muscular legs, and b) he prefers a more bootcut style. When I was adjusting the pattern, I graduated out from the upper thigh to hem at the outer seam.

And then I made a test pair of shorts out of some material from my stash, size 34, graded out to 38 at the hem on the outer seam. The test pair had pockets inspired by the front pocket lining fabric, leftover from my Lonsdale dress:

Jedediah Shorts Pockets

I then also used it for binding the out seam edges, and the inner edge of the waistband:

Jedediah Shorts Binding

I really loved working with this fabric, it’s some cotton that I bought about 2 years ago from Fabricland in Bristol and has been languishing in my stash waiting for me to make a test pair of jeans with ever since. Thankfully I think I might just have enough left to make myself a pair of shorts too, as it was so wide!

Anyway, here are some action sho(r)ts of Mr M, first up is of course the casual lean:


Jedediah Bicycle Shorts

Then, the less casual lean:


Jedediah Bicycle Shorts

Then finally, the staring at a wall:

Jedediah Bicycle Shorts

I actually tried these on him last week, blindfolding him first, so I am pretty sure he knew he was having a pair of something for his birthday! I didn’t want to risk going the whole hog and making him some jeans and them not fit though. When he tried them on they fit, but were on the “tight and not that comfortable if he were to eat a large meal” side, so I sized up when making the jeans.

And if the shorts were inspired by stashbusting my bicycle fabric, the jeans were inspired by Mr M’s love of Star Wars, and this fabric from Joann that I bought for the pocket lining and binding:

Jedediah Pants Star Wars Pockets and Binding


But what to pick for those pocket details? For the first one I kept it pretty simple….

“Now witness the firepower of this fully ARMED and OPERATIONAL battle station!”

Jedediah Pants Death Star Firing Pocket

I traced the outer lines, and some of the details of the Death Star onto my pocket, using dark grey heavyweight thread to stitch them in place, then adding in some neon green combined with glow in the dark thread to stitch in the superlaser.

Yep. It glows in the dark.

For the other one? There was really only one ship it could be, and this one was somewhat trickier than the Death Star. I first traced the main features of the image, picking out the general shape, and some other major features, then instead of transferring the markings from my traced image with chalk and stitching them in, I just pinned the traced image onto the pocket and stitched right over it, using a light grey topstitching thread, and dark grey heavy duty thread:

Jedediah Pants Millennium Falcon


Then, I removed the outer paper, and stitched in the blue glow from the engines, using a combination of bright blue, and glow in the dark thread as before, then removing the rest of the paper:

Jedediah Pants Millennium Falcon Pocket Details


NB. Make sure all threads are super secure! As the stitching has perforated the paper, this makes it much easier to remove. Just gently lift each piece up, assisting with something sharp and pokey if need be! I used a seam ripper.

Other than the embellished pockets, I pretty much made both the shorts and pants as directed, just making them slightly wider in the leg.

Here are the action shots! First up, the ‘reading up on some history pose’

Jedediah Star Wars Pants

Then, the ‘playing around in a tree’ pose:

Jedediah Star Wars Pants

…and the “is that you I see there?”

Jedediah Star Wars Pants

Shorts and Pants done!

I have to say, I think my favourite ones are the shorts. Now he has tried on both properly, I think the jeans need taking in at the hips, as they are a little big there and make them look a bit like super unflattering ‘Mom Jeans’. I also really like the material of the shorts and so will hopefully make myself something out of what is left! Haha!

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25 thoughts on “Jedediah Shorts and Pants!

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  2. I am so glad you made the point that these are rather slim cut! My partner has ‘cyclists legs’ so I know I’ll definitely have to grade out to make sure his Jedediah’s fit!


    • Yeah, Mr M doesn’t have skinny little hipster legs that is for sure! I took measurements off jeans that already fit him (as it was a surprise), but you can just check the measurements against the pattern, it gives width of the legs at the crotch, and at the knees, which helps in determining the right size.


    • The only problem is how much he loves them…. I intentionally left them until last of his presents to open as I knew he wouldn’t put them down! Haha!

      Also I fear he will request more and then I will have to be less selfish with my sewing!


  3. Wow, that embroidery! You must really love him because there’s no way I’d go to all that trouble for my man. (hehe just kidding honey). Seriously though – the detail is great.


    • Thanks! It just had to be the iconic Millennium Falcon and Death Star! I love the way the glow in the dark bits came out too, but alas, kinda hard to get a picture! 😉

      I really love the bicycle ones though!


  4. SO COOL! I’ve made the shorts for my hubby before but unfortunately they were probably one size too small – a little too tight all over so he never wore them. I must try again. I love the pocket details, especially the bike (my hubby, the keen cyclist was leaning over my shoulder as I read your post and commented on them, very impressed!).


  5. Your pockets are awesome! I’m so impressed with your stitching. I tried to do something a lot simpler for the first pair of Jedediahs that I made for my boyfriend and it doesn’t look nearly as neat. I’ll definitely have to practise my machine embroidery skills for next time, now that I’ve seen this!


    • I think the Falcon worked better than the Death Star, so I will definitely do that method next time! Or I need some sort of fancy machine to do it for me!


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