My Hawmery Dress – Franken-Indie Mash Up


Hey there. My name is Morven and this is my very first post on the monthly stitch.  I usually write on my blog over at Morven’s Handmades, so have a look, if you’re interested in what else I tinker around with.

I got inspired to take part in contributing to this site by reading about the great Indie Pattern Month challenge, especially the franken-indie got my creative juices flowing and I even made two dresses this month, which fit into this category, but alas, I am to late to post this dress under the franken-indie challenge. Nonetheless, for now I will start off with my first make, a mash-up of Christine Haynes’ Emery dress and Colette’s Hawthorn. I adore the skirt part of the Hawthorn, it’s sort of a semi half-circle skirt and I love the way it sways while I walk, and everybody has being raving on about the Emery bodice, and I just had to try one more time to make it fit me properly, as I wasn’t so psyched about the fit on the last two versions I made.


So here you can see me in all my glory, and I am pretty psyched about the dress, I really managed to get the fit right this time, I’ll tell you a secret, it all hinges on the bra :D and the skirt part is just so  fantastic, I can’t get enough of circle skirts.


So what’s a mash-up between the Hawthorn and Emery called then? A Hawmery or an Emythorn? For now I will just go with Hawmery, I kinda like the sound.

Well, anyways, as the Hawthorn is actually a shirt blouse dress, intended to be buttoned up from top to bottom, I had to make some alterations to the skirt part to fit the bodice.
So, first I cut the front and back part of the skirt on the fold, so I would only have two side seams. For the back part this was no problem, for the front part I layed out the pattern piece on top of the fabric, overlapping the fabric by about 2,5cm-3cm at the fold, thus taking off inches of fabric where the original skirt would have been turned under for the placket, but leaving enough seam allowance.
Secondly, I changed the sleeve length, as the short version was far to short for my, ehm lovely arms, that will wave a while longer, after I have already finished waving some time ago, and the long version was just too long for any warm weather days, during which I intend to wear the hell out of this dress.
So I decided on midlength for the sleeves by just shortening the long-sleeved pattern piece.
 I suppose I could probably have done with taking the dress in a little, but I love being able to breath in this dress and wriggle in and out of it without having to open the zip, but that’s just me, I like air.
I used a pretty lightweight cotton print in pale green with flowers and butterflies which crinkles pretty easily, but it’s great for warm weather, although I have lined it completely with lining taffeta, which is of course quite light and airy, and at the moment it is still slightly to cool to be wearing it without a cardy, but I suppose I will find out soon enough, whether it will stand up to its intended purpose of a summer dress.
Ahhh, but I do so love this skirt, it’s twirl time, with this kind of skirt, where ever you are, it’s twirly time.
And you also have quite a few Marilyn Monroe moments in this dress, or if you prefer to be more modern, as my mother mentioned to me, a Kate Middleton moment. You know what I mean, don’t you??? You know, when it’s windy, just a slight gust of wind can make you flash your panties to the entire world, ahh so embarrassing, even when you are wearing leggings. :oops:
If you’re interested in hearing a bit more about how I combined the two patterns, you can head on over to my blog.

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