An Uncompetitive Malvarosa

IMG_8525 I realise the dresses challenge is over and I guess I am not enough of an Indie fan girl to get a whole outfit together for this weeks challenge, but at least I made an Indie dress: the Malvarosa by Pauline Alice.

I’ve already seen a few great versions around and although I have never tried the drop waist look before I thought I might give it a try now.

IMG_8526This version is made from some Ikea cotton and really is a wearable muslin for me to check out if this look is for me. Can you believe, I don’t remember this look from last time round, even though I was definitely around at that time. Clearly I didn’t have a fashion moment/year(s) back then… 😉

IMG_8527Look, the dress even has pocketses!

IMG_8529They are fully functional, even from the side!

I cut a size 40, following my waist measurement, this is also my standard RTW size. I think in this style I might have got away with a 38. But maybe I am just still a little unsure of the loose waist style and it is perfectly fine the way it is. Anyway, the width is easy to take in as the side seams are the last seams to be sewn.

IMG_8531I was surprised to see the dress come out as long as it did. I made the skirt 2cm longer than indicated, 42cm rather than 40 cm, but at 174cm I am quite tall. Normally I have to lengthen skirts by about 5cm  to make them similar to the look on the pattern. I if you are petite, you might definitely want to hunt down the tutorial about how to shorten the whole dress.

IMG_8536I really like the little sleeves. On the inside they are finished with facings. This works perfectly well, but I find that whenever I put on the dress I have to push them back inside, so on a second version I might just self line the whole bodice rather than using the facings. I would like to point out though that this my personal preference, once the facings are in place they will stay put so there is no need to fiddle with them once the dress is on.


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  1. I like this on you! I didn’t really like the look of the pattern but it actually looks cute on, particularly those cute cap sleeves.


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