Chloe Dress

Good Intentions and A Chloe Dress

I was super excited about The Monthly Stitch’s Indie Pattern Month. I had great intentions and planned a garment for each of the four weeks. Unfortunately I haven’t YET made a weekly challenge within the time frame. If you read my blog you will see that I’ve been sewing all month and that I can whip things up in a fairly tight time frame. So why no challenge entries? I sew on a whim and feeling. Plans are great and all but some times I feel like whipping up a cardigan or starting a skirt I’ve been putting off for months. Other times I just get plain distracted (looking at you Moneta Dress). I always end up completing my planned makes but it might take me a little longer to get started than expected.

Chloe Dress

Anywho, for week two (new to me pattern company) I’d planned to make The Victory Pattern Chloe Dress. I had it all cut out and ready to sew but didn’t get it finished till last week.  I’ve had this pattern sitting around with plans to make it for such a long time. The Monthly Stitch gave me the push I needed!

I made variation 1: sleeveless and lined, in a size 6 grading to a 1- from the waist down. I used a beautiful tweed wool for the Dress Shell with floral blue and white cotton for the trimmings and two different mustard satins for the lining (hooray for using up fabric scraps!).

I used the instructions as a guide only. They lacked details in a few areas and when this is the case I prefer to just go with my gut and put the dress together as I logically see it. I love how the dress turned out. The front is a little roomy around the stomach area but the back is perfect and I think it looks great.  I will definitely make more Chloe’s! A few unlined cotton shifts will be great for summer work dresses.  I’ll see if I use the front pockets, but if not I might exclude them in the future (shock horror!). I think they are super cute, but they bulge and make me feel like I’m storing a baby kangaroo in there. I’ll be posting at least two more Indie Pattern Month makes and I hope one even makes it in time for the final competition!!
For more details on this make see my blog: Sewn By Elizabeth

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