Papercut Love – Space Invastion

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Seeing as I have fallen in love with Papercut Patterns over the last few months making two Ensis Tee’s in quick secession (See here).
Then making two pairs of Anima pants also in quick secession (not blogged about YET…)
This weeks challenge seemed the perfect opportunity to make a complete outfit!

Starting with the second pair of Anima Pants I made earlier this month, and adding in a new Ensis Tee (my third now) and finishing it off with a Circle Top!

The first Pair of Anima Pants I had A LOT of trouble with the waistband but with this pair I had learnt my lesson and pinned the waistband about every 2-3cm which solved all of my stretching into place and walking problems that I had with the first pair.

The Anima Pants:

I made the main pants out of printed organic cotton knit … SPACE INVADERS!!!!


The pockets, waistband and leg cuffs are made from plain black cotton spandex.

I made the knee length variation .

They are super comfy!

The Ensis Tee:
Upper top made form cotton wool mix stripe

Lower Half made with the same black cotton spandex used in the pants.

I had a LOT of trouble hemming this top, the fabric and my machine didn’t get on AT all!

In the End I had to cuff the ends of the sleeves and used double-sided interfacing to get the bottom scoop hem to behave!

The Circle Top:

Made from scrummy red merino knit!

Oh man this is sooooo warm!

Perfect for winter that is now upon us!

The hardest part of this top was the binding and well it really wasn’t hard just fiddly and time consuming but really worth it in the end!
I stitched the binding down with a 3step zigzag stitch just for something different!

So now the whole outfit together!

Waiting to be beamed up into space!

It was really windy yesterday … can you tell?

Pants close up!

Work with the wind!

The back view, just as cool as the front!

I really love the drape and flow of the circle top! can see many more of these being made!

I had a lot of fun making this outfit!

The details:
Space invaders fabric $12p/m from Levana – 0.8m used $9.60

Black cotton Spandex $10p/m from Levana- 1m used on pants and top $10

Blue and black striped cotton $10p/m from the fabric shop (Auckland) – 0.3m used $3

Red merino $20 for 2metres from a friend – 2 metres used $20

Total outfit – $42.60 !!!

Patterns used all from Papercut:

Anima Pants

Circle top

Ensis Tee

Absolutly in love with my Anima space invaders and my merino circle top!
And one more long sleeve top to add to the mix for winter!

Indie Pattern Month has been a super fun and busy month of sewing, with 4 new garments heading into my wardrobe!

Head over to my blog for some fun out takes!
Laura xx

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  2. The whole outfits rocks! Well done. I think I must try that circle top now, looks like a delish snuggly top in merino…


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