Tilly’s Coco top and Miette skirt – I’m a fan!

I have to credit Tilly with re-awakening my love of dress-making.  My mum sent me a cutting last year featuring The Great British Sewing Bee programme and Tilly; I hadn’t heard of either of them and had to google both.  I’ve always sewn but until the middle of last year I hadn’t made myself any clothes for at least a decade or so; I discovered that the sewing world had moved on so much – and all these indie designers and their sewing patterns, where had they come from?!  Seeing the Miette skirt pattern for the first time – well, I was hooked.  I made one and loved it.

So then: this my modest – nothing-flash-here – submission for this week’s Indie Fan Girl challenge.  First up is a top which needs no introduction from me – it seems to have set the sewing blogging world alight.  It is the Coco.  I think it’s a great starter pattern (wish it had been around when I had needlework lessons at school) and there are lots of lovely versions on Pinterest and elsewhere.  I made my top from some $4 op-shopped fine-knit viscose jersey – perhaps not the best fabric to use for the Coco and next time I use this pattern I’ll use a knit with a little more body.  I didn’t have quite enough fabric to make a long-sleeved version and I had to grade the pattern from a size 3 for bust and waist to a size 1 for hips for the same reason.

I don’t have an overlocker so I used a stretch stitch (the one that looks a bit like a lightning bolt) for all the seams and neatened them with a zig-zag stitch.  I used a stretch twin needle for the hem, sleeves and neckline.

It goes without saying – but I’ll say it anyway! – that Tilly’s Miette skirt makes a great partner for the Coco top.  This is my third version of this skirt (mentioned here and here) and there will be more, the pattern’s that good imho. This one is in a denim from Spotlight.  I cut the pattern to a size 2 and probably should have lengthened the skirt pieces by 5 cm or so but since it’s winter and I plan to wear it with tights I’m not going to fret too much.  This too would make a great starter pattern: Tilly provides lots of hand-holding if you need it for any or all of the construction steps.

Also, here is my version, put together from a scrap of viscose, of Tilly’s Brigitte scarf – you’ll find her online instructions here:

Some thoughts (and please see my blog for more!):

  • I don’t wear dresses very often much preferring separates and these, the Coco top and Miette skirt, are great wardrobe additions.
  • Sometimes simple things are better – this is straightforward and satisfying sewing.
  • There are online instructions and photos a-plenty; it’s pretty difficult to go wrong with these two.  I’m a big fan of both these patterns and of Tilly too!

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    • Thank you! The scarf is dead easy to make, less easy to wear (for me – I’m not very good with accessorizing but trying to get better).


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