Bluak Deranged – Indie Fan Girl week

Indie Fan Girl, you were SO MUCH fun !

For this mission I chose the Papercut Bellatrix Blazer and La Sylphide.

The Bellatrix Blazer I made out of a wool blend (?) that was found at The Fabric Warehouse in Wellington in the remnants bin for $5 – SCORE !

The La Sylphide I made from rayon which was found at Fabric-a-brac in Wellington in April (?) for $3 – ANOTHER SCORE !

Let’s start with the Bluak Bellatrix this named because… well.. it’s blue and black blueblack – bluak, get it? Oh my gosh, I am SO WITTY !


The Bluak was a lot of fun to make up, mainly because I haven’t made a blazer or anything like it before and came together quickly and quite easily too. I made Variation 2 which is just a bit shorter – stops at the waist – and has more shaping around the hem – a longer sharp point at the front to a shorter curved line at the back.

Variation 1 was being made, until I ran out of fabric for those bottom pieces and had to downsize to Variation 2.

I also ran out of fabric for the facing pieces so chose a remnant – quilting cotton – from my stash to use for that.

The wool blend fabric was SO cool.. it was black on the selvage edges then graded in to a vibrant blue in the middle. Decision was to make the blazer blue on top and black on the bottom which worked out really well.

The lining was just a synthetic from my stash – white with blue and brown polka dots on it.

The welt pockets on this thing were incredibly easy to make. The thing with welt pockets is that they look so good that I just assumed they would be hard to make teehehehehe I was so wrong. The patterns gave really good instructions for this, however I still made them wrong.

The instruction pictures follow that of Variation 1 and when making the pockets, I matched up the notches to find which side goes where but at this point did not realise that the CF had that longer pointed bit and thought that went at the sides – which made my bottom front pieces be on the wrong sides of the blazer, ugh. I didn’t quite figure this one out til I got to sewing the lining/facing to the outer blazer piece though so they stayed there for a while.

The only other thing I got confused about was stitching the outer cuff to the lining/facing cuff. The way I read the instructions did not work for me at all even though I tried doing it multiple times. I ended up doing it my own way.

At then I added the big black button, win.

The La Sylphide Deranged – named because it goes with the Bellatrix and we all know she was deranged in Harry Potter.

I absolutely love the La Sylphide design – buttons up the CF and a long neck tie to tie into a bow at the front, so pretty!

I used rayon for this, which I have never used before and wow, that stuff is slippery, extremely slippery, lots of pins is a must.

When I was cutting this out I also had limited fabric as the rayon was only 90cm by 3m long and I had to put in a CB seam to make it fit into the fabric.. I also added 20cm length since it is uber short and then ran out of material for the neck tie so had to then cut that added length off the skirt. *sigh* I am no good at pattern placement, but it all seems to turn out fine in the end so whatevs.

I necktie I made super long because I used the entire length that I stole from the hem because.. well.. why not? It’s longer than my arm span WHOA !

Again, this pattern was super easy to follow and I had no issues at all with it. Great instructions and pictures.

I took this pattern in by about a half inch on each side of the waist and might even take it in by another half inch on each side, but I didn’t have to make any other adjustments.

I used 10 buttons from my stash that fit in perfectly with it.

But of course, taking that extra length off it’s now super short again and gets caught in the wind.. eep Wellington!

For hemming this beautiful creature, I hung it overnight (which the instructions also said, well done instructions, I have never seen that before!) and tried to do a roll hem the next day. Which did not work, the rayon refused. So I just overlocked then turned it up 1cm and stitched down.

The Summery Deets:


Papercut Bellatrix Blazer

Papercut La Sylphide


Remnant wool blend from The Fabric Warehouse $5

Remnant quilting cotton (facing) ~$1

Remnant synthetic lining ~$1

Rayon from Fabric-a-brac Wellington $3


Black button from stash

10 red buttons from stash

Oh, I nearly forgot! The pics were taking from a place in Newtown, Wellington, where a house burned down a few years ago and there are now lots of cool graffiti and failed community gardens.

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