A little bit of Mabel in my life, a little of Moneta by my side

This is my submission for the Indie Fan Girl Challenge. The task was to choose an indie label and create an entire outfit using their patterns. I chose the Mabel and Moneta patterns from Colette Patterns. I had seen so many great versions of both of them, that I really wanted to try it myself and here it is.

Mabel skirt & Moneta Colette Patterns

I used version 3 of the Mabel skirt and the bodice of the Moneta with the bow collar. For the skirt I cut an xs size graded to S and for the top a straight small. The fabric was bought from Fabric Land in Brighton some time ago and was used to make a Deer and Doe Plantain (not blogged) so this was the left over. I really loved the combination of the flowers with the geometric pattern and I think it creates a nice effect both on the skirt and the top.

Mabel Skirt & Moneta colette patterns

I had made a muslin of the Moneta dress and I wasn’t very happy with the gaping at the armhole, but the sew along on the site was very helpful and used the tutorial by Miss Make to get rid of that, so this version of the bodice is much better. I love the bow collar.

Moneta bodice with bow collar

I wanted to turn the bodice into a peplum top but I run out of fabric so I did my own thing by cutting around the flower pattern and turning this to the bottom of the bodice. I really like the way it turned out.

Moneta bodice with scalloped peplum

Moneta Bodice with scalloped peplum

The skirt was very straightforward and the instructions that come with the pattern are very clear. The top and the skirt make a lovely combination and I will definitely wear them together and separately, for work or for going out.

Moneta Bodice and Mabel skirtThe skirt is absolutely amazing and not only do I highly recommend it but I’d love to make more of them.

Mabel Skirt Colette Patterns

I did most of it on the serger until my needle broke (there’s always have to be an accident haha), so please forgive some of the inside doesn’t look just as polished.

Moneta bodice & Mabel Skirt colette patterns


I enjoyed so much Indie month,  I want some more now. So many gorgeous entries and creativity, I can ply look forward to the monochrome month 🙂 You can always find me here too.


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