And the Franken-Indie winners are….

The Franken-Indie contest for Indie Pattern Month is now over, and oh my gosh, what an amazing amount of creativity we saw during it! So many unique and interesting ways of combining patterns to come up with something completely new! 18 completely new and never-seen-before creations, in fact. Yikes! We saw sewing mashed up with crochet, three dress patterns combined into one garment, tops and dresses merged together to create a dress. Bodices and skirts mix-and-matched, and three amazing ways to combine patterns to make a swimsuit! So many inspiring ideas! I don’t know about you, but I’m eyeing up some of my patterns in a different way now. 😉

(Want to see more about any of the creations in this post? Just click on the image.)






And it sounds like you enjoyed the Franken-Indie contest, too! 🙂






And now, the voting has finished. We’ve counted up the community votes, the judges have scored each entry, and we’ve tallied up the scores so we can answer the big question – who won???

As with all the Monthly Stitch Indie Pattern Month sewing contests, the winners were chosen through a mix of community vote and scores from the judges. 50% of their total score came from the community votes, and 50% from the judges scores, so the winners are the ones who were popular, well executed, and well photographed. And you know what, we thought the first two contests were close, this one was even closer! You all just keep raising that bar even higher.

But sadly, much as we’d love to give a prize to everyone, there can be only four winners. (Although you’re all winners, really, as you all have fabulous new garments to wear, the likes of which have never been seen before!)

So, here goes……



The winner of the Papercut prize – your choice of any two Papercut patterns – is….

Nikki with her Gabrianna dress!






The winner of the Kitschy Coo prize – the Penny Pinafore, the Lady Skater dress and the Trifecta top – is….

Helena with her Bomblulu swimsuit!






The winner of the Dresses & Me prize – your choice of any two patterns from the Dresses & Me store – is….

Ashley with her Midsummer Cascade dress!





The winner of the Lekala prize – your choice of 5 made-to-measure PDF patterns from Lekala – is….

Rebecca with her Centauree-Ava swimsuit!





Congratulations everyone! We’re sending each of you emails to let you know you’ve won.

We’d also like to give a huge thank-you to the sponsors of the Franken-Indie contest, who have each donated prizes, and without whom we couldn’t do the Indie Pattern Month contests – you’re all amazing!  Thank you to….








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  1. Thanks so much and congrats to the other winners as well! So many amazing entries! Thanks to Lekala too-I just picked out my patterns and I’m so excited to try them out 🙂


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