Grainline Studio FanGirl: Maritime Shorts and a (Non-) Tiny Pocket Tank

This week was a little Grainline Double. I was in real need of more shorts in my wardrobe, so decided to make a pair of Maritime Shorts.

I also wanted to give the Tiny Pocket Tank another shot, as I had made it before, but it always didn’t quite fit properly. I always found it a little tight across the chest, with excess fabric at the sides, but after discussing with a couple of other sewists at the Bay Area Sewists meetup, it was time to give it another go.

The additional modification I made this time round was to add an inch in the centre of the front piece, pivoting it out from the tip of the bust dart, and reducing the bust dart amount:

Tiny Pocket Tank Pattern Modification

Otherwise, the modifications were as made previously.

The material was some that I fell in lust with at Joann, and I took an element from the print and used it to embellish the front in place of the pocket detail, using a mixture of felt and handstitched detail:

Non-Tiny Pocket Tank Detail

I used the leftover fabric to line the pockets of the Maritime Shorts, (which I managed to make out of the leftover fabric from my Jeans! Score!) and also added a little bit of embellishment to the shorts too:

Maritime Shorts Pocket Detail

Yeah! A nice little pair of Jorts! But does it look like I have a paper airplane flying out of my bottom to anyone else?

Maritime Shorts

Action shots of them both? You betcha.

How about “the tree lean”?

Maritime Shorts Non-Tiny Pocket Tank


Or the “standing on a stump”?

Maritime Shorts Non-Tiny Pocket Tank

Summer, I am ready for you!

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  2. Are jolts short for jean shorts? Clever name. I really like how they fit, and your little airplane is certainly cute! I’m sure you’ll get lots of comments at the beach! Very nice outfit.


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