IPM Indie Fan-Girl: Level Ultimate! Let the voting begin!

June has zoomed by and Indie Pattern Month 2014 is coming to a close but first it’s time for the last round of voting!

But we are going out with a bang with 19 fabulous Ultimate Fan Girls…and one Fan Girl’s Guy 😉

We saw so many fabulous combinations this week and we’re also excited to see lots of first time posters this month. We hope you will stick around a sew long with us again, July is Mono-Sewn and keep a look out for August’s exciting theme announcement soon…ohh what could it be?!

As usual, don’t forget to spread the word by using the button below on your own blog/facebook page/instagram, where ever! Link back here because the community vote counts towards 50% of your score and it makes a huge difference!

Voting is open for 5 days and closes at midnight on July 5th (24:00 UTC) We are sticking with the three selection vote again, you can still only vote once but now you can select up to three entries before you hit the vote button.

There will be four winners chosen by 50% weighting by the judges (your editors Kat, Mel and Juliet and our guest judge Penny from Dresses & Me) and 50% from the votes cast below.

Each of our winners will receive one of the prize packs from our generous sponsors: Papercut, Sew IndependentLekala and Seamster.

For more details about the prizes, check out the Indie Fan Girl launch post here.

Ok, let’s get VOTING, yay!

Below is the gallery of all qualifying entries for the Indie Fan Girl competition, click on the first picture to launch the gallery and start looking through. Each image also has a link to the full post where you can view more images and read about the garment. Remember, you can vote once for up to three entries, so chose carefully 😉

The gallery displays the entries at random but after you see the garments you want to vote for just make a note of their post names, close the gallery, then find them in the alphabetical list on the voting form below. Select the three you want to vote for and then click the VOTE button to submit.


Good luck everyone! 🙂

Remember, you can now choose up to three entries to vote for. Just select the three you love the most and then press the VOTE button to submit 🙂



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  7. Is the ”Fan’tastic dress and bag – Lekala style’ included in the competition? Or am I just being blind and can’t see it on the list?


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