TMS – 2 Victorias for Indie Pattern Month

Seeing all the amazing creations this month on the Monthly stitch has really gotten my creative juices flowing. I entered the new to me category with my Renfrew but haven’t had time to make the deadlines for the other challenges. However I have, in honour of Indie Pattern, month made 2 Victoria Blazers from By Hand London.

Here’s Victoria no. 1

 I bought this fabric from Dewsbury market for £3 per metre. Bargain!!

I ummed and arrrhhed for ages decided how best to take advantage of the pattern

I left the blazer unlined and used satin bias trim to finish the edges . It’s the most useful garment I have in wardrobe now and I wear it almost every day! It’s super comfy and feels more like a cardigan to wear. It’s a real head turner too. I’ve had lots of “no! You didn’t make that!” moments.

My next Victoria was completed this weekend. Not quite as striking but pleased with it nevertheless.  It’ a summery plaid wool mix (smelt terrible when I washed it! Note to self, ‘must not wear it in the rain without carrying a brolly!’).

I used pale blue denim for the collar and cuffs.  I’m planning to make another Yasmin Yoke Skirt with the rest of the denim to have a co-ordinating outfit! I omitted the lapels and lined the sleeves. If I wear this one half as much as the red one the hours spent matching the plaid will be worth it!

If you want to see some more pictures, including catching my mum red handed running off with my new plaid one, I’d love to see you over at my blog……! 

PS sorry for the lack of pictures. I need to work our how to added them using URL so they can be bigger and better!

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