Announcing the August Challenge!

Indie Pattern Month has been so exciting, it might have been easy to forget something very important coming up in August…

The Monthly Stitch’s first birthday!

Yes, I know, can you guys believe that it’s already been a whole year of collective sewing?

Our very first challenge was Capes! and we never expected to get 30 finished items!


Now we are 12 months on with 201 contributors who have written a combined 648 posts (165 of those for IPM2014 alone) and collected almost 6000 comments.

KatMel and Juliet (and Miss Bossy) would like to say a huge THANK YOU for sewing along with us. We’ve really enjoyed growing our little idea over the last year and love seeing your posts go up each month. Keep up the awesome sewing, we have plenty more great ideas to keep you busy for the next year (or five!)  xx

Of course it is only fitting that August’s challenge is all about celebrating us.

June was pretty crazy and we hope you have some sewing energy left for Mono-Sewn. With all that effort we deserve some cake, don’t you think? August is all about having some fun and this challenge is more open to interpretation than usual.

Let Them Sew Cake is all up to you!

You could:

  • Sew a party dress to celebrate with us
  • Sew a garment from cake printed fabric

  • Sew a garment inspired by your favourite cake

  • Bake a cake and sew a garment to complement it

  • Sew yourself some “frosting” (bonus points if you are eating some cake in your photos!)
  • Sew from the Cake pattern label
  • Bake a cake and post it to your editors (just kidding…or am I?)

How will you celebrate our birthday with us in August? Share your ideas in the comments below.



Other exciting things:

  • Indie pattern month is over now but look out for the winners of the final week coming soon and our wrap up posts.
  • July’s challenge is Mono-Sewn, see all the posts here.
  • We all love comments! Don’t forget to look back over the recent posts and leave an encouraging comment or start a conversation.
  • Additions to the Collective page went on hold for June but we’ll catch up soon and contact all our newest contributors during July.

7 thoughts on “Announcing the August Challenge!

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  6. Just came across your site and I think the monthly sewing challenges are wonderful! I am gonna start planning something for this one. I’ve been wanting to make something from the Cake line of patterns. 🙂


  7. Oh I know EXACTLY what fabric to use for this. I bought it with the intention of making something very specific, and it fits the theme pretty well. Can’t wait to sew it up! And my sister’s 21st is at the very end of August, so I can wear it to that 🙂


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