Cutie Patootie!

IMG_7160Since it’s Indie sewing month, I have been sewing several indie things but photography has been lagging behind…speaking of behind, aren’t these ruffled diaper covers adorable?!?  I found this pattern on Etsy for indie pattern month.  You can get to the pattern here.

The brightly colored version is a muslin – dontcha just love when a muslin is wearable?!  I made one change from the pattern.  Instead of seaming the bottom seam and then sewing the bias tape around the narrow (t-i-n-y) leg holes, I sewed the bias on before seaming the bottom seam and also inserted the elastic.  Then sewed the bottom seam and it works just fine.  Maybe not as clean finished as the original, but who is ever going to tell with all that jazz going on back there?

I also created two white versions you can see on my blog here.

This was a great quick project to get the positive vibes going again.

I have enjoyed seeing everyone’s indie creations this month!  Happy creating everyone!



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