monochrome? maybe not, but will this do?

Even though I’m a big fan of these boys my wardrobe has very little black in it – it’s just not me.  But I found this stripey stretchy stuff  – I know! it’s not black and white but black and grey – in the op shop for a couple of dollars and had a play at the weekend.  I used the neckline and cowl neck from the Kwik Sew pattern (image C) and the body and sleeves from the Burda one.

I didn’t bother matching up the stripes but hey! look what happened on this side:

Sheer luck (it didn’t happen on the other side!).  There’s not very much more to say about this top except that I quite like the cowl neck – this is the first one I’ve made.  I’ll probably wear the top out and about, now and again, under a coat.  If I’d known about this pattern before I’d started cutting out my pattern pieces I might have made a Bronte top.  Never mind.

Black and grey – does it count?  Anyway, enough.  I’m off to find some colour.

8 thoughts on “monochrome? maybe not, but will this do?

  1. Black clothing is not really me either so I reckon this totally counts! Thanks for the link to the Bronte top it’s really pretty and I think the cowl neck you chose looks great in this fabric


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