Colette Moneta Dress, 60’s-Style

I’m still catching up on all my indie makes from June! This was my second version of Colette’s Moneta Dress, which I started immediately after finishing my first version.

I modified this one a little, with this 60’s dress in mind.

I raised the neckline by 1 1/2″ to a boatneck, lengthened the skirt, and moved the gathers to the side. I probably could have widened the shoulders a bit too, and made the back a V-neck, to match the dress a bit better. Next time!

The fabric is viscose jersey, and I lined it with an off-white bamboo jersey that I bought with the intention of using for a collar. I decided that the collar would be too much, and decided that I would make the sleeveless, lined version instead (version 1).

I’m reasonably happy with the fit, although the armholes are a little big and the bodice is still a little long (I shortened it 1 1/4″ for this version). I hemmed it with a stretch blind hem, rather than the recommended twin needle, and I think that it turned out quite well!

Overall, though, I’m really happy with it! I’ve worn it lots as a casual day dress, and I also wore it to my high school graduation ceremony, under the ridiculous gown that you have to wear. For more details and photos, see my blog post, and for even more photos, see my flickr. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Colette Moneta Dress, 60’s-Style

  1. I made the Moneta with 3/4 length sleeves and, like you, found that the armscyes (sp?) were far too large (not to mention the “3/4” sleeves were really only half-length sleeves – just a heads-up if you’re thinking of making one for winter). Like you I found the bodice VERY short and had to lengthen it 5cm (2 inches) to get it to hit at my natural waist.
    Still not sure whether I think this is a good pattern or not; I had to do a LOT of hacks to make it work for me (including reducing the skirt width and changing the pattern-standard neckline).


    • It’s pretty common for armscyes to be too big on me, but it does seem as if a lot of people are finding the same thing with the Moneta. I actually found the bodice to be too long, which is also a fairly common problem on me. I agree with you in that I’m still a little undecided on the quality of the pattern itself, although I love the design so I’m sticking with it and altering it to fit. I’ve already made a third, and I think the fit of it is the best yet (although I still have to fix the armhole).


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