Almost MonoSown: Jalie 2908 Jeans in Almost Black

I hope you are not gonna be angry at me: These jeans were really meant to be black!

I bought the fabric online and although the seller did not have a colour description I was clear it was black. And it was kinda black when it arrived, and the water in my washing machine was black as well when I prewashed it – only the fabric turned out to be dark navy after the prewash…

So without much further ado and in case you have not clicked away in disgust:


So here are my first bootcut jeans in a long time, Jalie 2908. I have got used to the slimmer silhouette so much that I wasn’t sure whether to try the bootcut style at all, but as these jeans are meant to be a wearable muslin I thought I might as well try.

IMG_8608What do you think about the look? Worth  exploring, or better to go back to the straight leg?


The jeans turned out a little bit tight across the hips and thighs, although I made them in the right size for my measurements. I suppose different fabrics have different rates of stretch and this denim isn’t all that stretchy. I hope they will relax a little, otherwise I will go up one size when I make these next.


I added 2,5cm to the hight of the CB and in principle it was a good idea to give a little more booty room. This way the jeans stay up much better, because the back rise covers the – well – backside all the way. What this has done though is destroy the proportions of the back yoke. It is attached almost horizontally now rather than by making a V-shape as it should be. Next time I will hopefully remember to divide the extra hight between the yoke pattern piece and the back crotch.


So altogether I like what I see. Clearly, there is room for improvement, but I think for a first muslin these turned out well. The Jalie pattern works really well for me, however, I did not look at the instructions as I supposed these would be made up like the other jeans I made.

12 thoughts on “Almost MonoSown: Jalie 2908 Jeans in Almost Black

  1. Very flattering jeans! You’ve done a very professional-looking job. I’m another fan of boot cut (I’m a pear shape so they help balance out my generous hips).


  2. I like the look of your jeans and certainly would sign a bring back bootcut petition – I think it is a flattering shape on many legs! So I definitely think these are worth duplicating.


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