Mono-Sewn Polly Top

I’ve been wanting to try the Polly Top for a while. This seemed like the perfect opportunity. Plus, put the words “zebra print” in a challenge and I’m all over it! 🙂


The zebra print fabric I’ve had for a while (got it as a Christmas gift and hadn’t found a use for it yet); the black came from a pair of my boyfriend’s old work pants. My sizing was waaaay off at first, so I had to take it in a bunch, but the fit turned out almost just right in the end.

As a beginner, I loved their video sewalong also! It was a very helpful compliment to the pattern!


Come say hi to me and my monochrome pups here. 🙂

Warm wishes from Wyoming! (even though it’s finally gotten warm here… yay!… maybe I can’t use that much longer…) 🙂

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