White Linen Dress

Monthly Stitchers, I’m on fire this month! I am moving black and white fabric out of my stash left, right and centre! The latest result is this white linen dress:


I frankenpatterned my synchronised swimmers blouse and the skirt ot my northern beach dress. Because both these items of clothing have beach references and because I will travel to beachy Barcelona soon, I’m calling this my Barcelona dress.


It’s even got pocketses, so while I am in that queue outside the Sagrada Familia at least I know what to do with my hands.


The dress in longer in the back than in the front, a look that I’m still getting used to. A few more details are on my blog.

How is your TMS sewing going? Are you all powered out after June’s Indie extravaganza? Or is MonoSewn right up your street?


4 thoughts on “White Linen Dress

  1. You are making me wish I had an occasion to wear a breezy beautiful summer dress! Lovely work. I have no black or white stash fabric so I’m gonna sit this challenge out 🙂


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