Indie Pattern Month 2014

Wrapping up Indie Pattern Month 2014 (with bonus giveaway!)

Hello Monthly Stitchers! How are you doing? Have you recovered from Indie Pattern Month yet?

Thank you for an awesome month! It was hard work, for us and for you, but we really enjoyed seeing all your superb indie creations and we are excited to hear that so many of you discovered new indie designers and patterns and we hope you’ll send our sponsors and all the fantastic indie labels lots more sewing love in the future.






Dreaming up the competitions, judging all your beautiful creations and interviewing the designers was a lot of fun and we are stunned at how fast June zoomed by.

We couldn’t have done it without our gorgeous sponsors so let’s have one last big shout out to the amazing labels and the fabulous ladies behind them.


Diane EricsonDresses and MeGatherKitschy CooLekala, Ohhh LuluPapercutPattern PostiePauline AliceSalmeSeamsterSew Independent & Teach Me Fashion

I am sure all our talented winners will be enjoying their new patterns and hopefully we’ll see a few of them here as part of future TMS challenges 😉

If you missed any of the stunning winner entries you can check out the contest round up posts here:

Dresses winners
New to Me winners
Franken-Indie winners
Indie Fan Girl, level: Ultimate winners

During June we had our biggest contribution for a challenge so far, an impressive 170 posts. So let’s take a look at the numbers and see what was popular:

It’s no surprise that dresses proved to be the most popular since we had a whole week just for them but it was also an easy Franken-pattern option.

I certainly had lot of fun dreaming up lots of Franken-Dresses 😉






What else was popular?

When I began to count up the different labels I expected to see some of the familiar big names in the mix but you guys also spread the love to lots of smaller names too with a total of 42 different labels, well done!


This was our second Indie Pattern Month but the first time we’ve run it on The Monthly Stitch and we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

We’d love to know exactly what you thought, even if you did not sew along with us.






We’ve created a quick survey so that you can all share your feedback from Indie Pattern Month 2014 and tell us what you’d like to see next year.

As a little incentive we have one final prize: Leave your details at the end of the survey for a chance to win a Sewing Journal generously donated by Jane of SewKnowHow.

Indie Pattern Month 2014 Survey

Jane runs a sewing school in Christchurch, New Zealand and loves to encourage her students to sew with indie patterns and we think that is awesome! She has classes for both adults and children and only teaches a maximum of 5 students each class so you know you’ll get lots of attention. She also believes you will enjoy learning to sew more if you get to chose what you make. Her sewing journal is a great way to keep track of your sewing journey and plan that ever growing “to-sew” list. So if you are in Christchurch and learning to sew or perhaps have a child who is showing interest…or that friend (we’ve all got one) that is always lamenting, “Oh I wish I could sew/would you please hem my pants?”…I am sure Jane can help you (and them) out 😉 She’s also on Facebook so pop over to say hi and ask about her classes.

Other exciting TMS things:

    • July’s challenge is Mono-Sewn, see all the posts here.
    • Who’s excited for August’s challenge? Let Them Sew Cake!
    • We all love comments! Don’t forget to look back over the recent posts and leave an encouraging comment or start a conversation.



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  1. Thanks for organising it all, keeping us in order, writing up all the posts, calculating all the votes, chatting to the designers, it was definitely as frantic a month for you as it was for us who madly decided to enter all competitions. The stats and charts have really satisfied my nerdy mathematical brain, thanks. What a great collection of Indie Designers were chosen. Here’s to next year!


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