Galloping Horses in Black and White

Hi, I’ve been following on the sidelines for quite some time , but this is the first time my sewing plans have actually coincided with the monthly theme 🙂

So may I introduce my ‘Galloping Horses’ dress which fits in just perfectly with the monochrome theme?

image image

It’s Simplicity’s K1609 pattern, which came free with the July issue of  Sew Home and Style magazine.  Lining up my fabric to ensure that all my horses were, indeed, galloping in the right direction, was the trickiest part of this project! And I couldn’t quite manage to get it right for my bow, but I don’t think that really detracted anything from the end result.

I’ve never tried a Simplicity pattern before, but it lived up to its name I’m happy to say 🙂 As an experienced (? advanced would be exaggerating!) beginner, this came together pretty simply. My only real problem was that it was a little too ‘snug’ around the hips, resulting in some unsightly ‘bulging’ at the back. Thankfully I was able to unpick the centre seam to create a little extra ‘ease’ and pull down the back. Because of the busy print I don’t think this took away too much from the design.

I was tempted by the collar version A, and thought it would look sweet in a contrasting fabric, but as I already have far too many ‘dressy’ dresses in my wardrobe that rarely get worn, I thought the bow version (B) would be more suitable for a day dress in this fabric.

I’m really pleased with the end result. If you’d like to read more about my slowly-improving sewing skills and how I’m finally mastering my sewing machine, head on over to my blog ‘’.

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  1. It looks fantastic! I absolutely love the way pattern looks like a straightfoward black and white print until you get close up and see what it is. Love it!


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