Knit mono sew

I made the Colette Mabel skirt, using a heavyweight merino ponti knit.  I made size large which ended up being too big, particularly around the waist, so I altered the waistband to make it fit.  I also added 2.5″ to the length.  I don’t think this is the most flattering pattern on me as it hugs the hips and thighs (the area of my body I try to hide!!), however it is such a warm, comfy skirt especially when paired with my warmest, thickest tights.  I wore it last week on holiday with a long cardigan and I think it looked okay.

Wearing my Mabel on holiday, here with my son

I also made the Plantain T-shirt which is a free pattern by Deer & Doe.  This is my third time using this pattern, it makes such a great layering top.  The first one was in white cotton knit and the second in a grey and brown merino.  This last one is my favourite, made in black merino.  I added to the length by about 1.5″ and added cuffs to the sleeves as I love a long sleeve in winter, keeping my wrists toasty warm.  You may notice a seam under the bust with the black one, I couldn’t quite fit the front piece on my fabric so cut it into two – call it a design feature!

I definitely don’t plan on wearing the T-shirt and skirt by themselves but layered with other clothes.

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6 thoughts on “Knit mono sew

  1. These are very flattering pieces that will go with so many things, plus keep you warm. I’ll have to check that free pattern by Dear and Doe, it looks very cute!


    • Thanks, I have worn the merino top lots since I made it, it’s perfect for layering under other clothes and very warm.


  2. Love this look and will be trying out similar this winter for myself. Thanks for giving me more pattern ideas & some practical fabric suggestions by way of your comfy creations!


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