Little Geometric Gem Poncho

I have accidentally, on purpose made an unlikely garment for myself. While visiting my daughter last week, she handed me this lightweight stretch knit fabric and Simplicity SewSimple pattern A1639, along with the fabric for the Poncho Atitlan  that I made last week.


I would have never imagined how cute and comfy this particular cut would be. I’m in love! I usually choose more fitted and structured looks for myself, but I’m glad to have “sewed outside the box” and stitched this little geometric gem together. Lucky for me too, that it fits the monochrome theme.


It’s an easy construction, just two pieces, back and front, plus neck facings. I decided not to face the neck edge as the fabric is very thin and instead, I created a neck band from some black cotton/lycra that I have in my stash. The most time consuming  part was the lower edge. I serged it first, and then I tried out my new Janome cover stitch machine for the first time.


I had to change the sample thread to black, which was a new experience. You have to thread it perfectly or the cover-stitch won’t look right. It was a challenge, but I didn’t give up. My fabric is very lightweight so I also had to adjust the tensions. I couldn’t figure out if the smaller numbers or the larger numbers were the tighter stitch….and I still don’t know for sure. Do you know? It wasn’t even in the manual!


Anyway, after much trial and error on scrap fabric, I pressed up the edge and topstitched it with the perfect two row stitch.


This was a test run of this pattern, and really this is just a wearable muslin. I don’t know what will happen once it is washed. The fabric is not top quality, but it sure does have a great geometric pattern! I have a few more yards of it too!

IMG_8757 - Version 2

I’ll be delivering this top to my daughter who owns a bohemian gift and clothing store called “Gathered” in the destination town of Healdsburg, California. It’s in the heart of the wine country! Great wine, delicious food, a tourist event almost every week, and  beautiful countryside, dotted with vineyards and wineries. What’s not to enjoy, right?


I think I would look very stylish wearing one of these ponchos, with a glass of wine in my hand. 😉

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Thanks for looking and happy sewing!

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  1. I never thought a poncho would look so stylish, the geometric pattern is perfect for this type of garment. I love it how you’ve styled it with the red accessories, and a glass of wine would definitely complete the look. 🙂


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