Black and White Polkadot Emery Dress

As soon as the Monosewn Challenge was announced, I new I wanted to take part in it and sew up something, however an outfit just in one colour is rather meh to me, just black is soo boring and an only white outfit would be a catastrophe, I would be smeared in everything imaginable in mere minutes. But a mix up of black and white, yes, I can do that, as the combo of black and white is totally up my alley, I just love it.

I decided to use the Emery dress pattern for my project, because at the moment I’m only making dresses, and chose a very light-weight and rather translucent white fabric with small black pokadots on it, I suppose it must be batiste. It has a very slight stretch to it and is soft to the touch. I had three metres of the fabric and have about half a metre left of it.
For the collar I used a black embroidered fabric and sewed on a white button with black thread to the middle of it to make it a little more interesting.

I lined the entire dress with white taffeta, omitted the back zipper and shortened the long sleeve pattern, so they would hit elbow level. I also added about ten cm to the skirt, so it would hit me at knee level, I’m 1,85m, so usually most dresses are to short on me.

The dress is so light and airy, it’s ideal for summer and I love wearing it.

You can read more about my dress on Morven’s Handmades

6 thoughts on “Black and White Polkadot Emery Dress

  1. I had the same thought as Kat–you’re taller than I am, wow! (I’m “only” 181 cm.) I’ve been hesitant to try the Emery for a long time because I’ve figured that everyone who’s been raving about the bodice fit is significantly shorter, so I probably wouldn’t have the same experience. It’s nice to see it’s worked for someone closer to my height, too.
    Love the polka dots, too–and the sleeve length!


    • Thank you.
      But do try it out though please, if it works on me, it definitely should work on you. I didn’t have a problem with the length of the bodice, because I like that length on me, but if you’re worried, you can always add one or two inches to the bodice and faff around with the darts, it’s not that big of a hassle.


  2. Love it! Great use of contrasts and that white button on the black collar is an inspired touch. 🙂

    (Also – you’re taller than me! Wow! That doesn’t happen often. I usually add 10cm (at least!) to the length on things, too, haha! Isn’t it great being able to sew things that are long enough?!?)


    • Oh, I’m sooo grateful that I can make my own clothes that fit properly, and are long enough, wow, I can’t even remember what it was like, having to rely on RTW clothing, phew, I love my sewing machine.


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