inspired by the 50s

Black and white: can there be more contrast than that. I thought I didn’t had many black in my closet, but the truth was different. Looking through my stash I saw this fabric which I bought two years ago in The Hague at a fabric-store.

At home I saw that the fabric was very sheer and therefore translucent: the reason why it kept waiting in my closet for another solution.

The challenge for july is monochrome: black and white only. This was the moment to use the fabric. I already bought some lining for underneath the fabric. There was still a hurdle left: which pattern will I choose.

I was one of the 38% who voted for ‘Inspired By’. Beside Chanel I also love things from the past. Icons for me are Jacky Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly.

My inspiration was the 50s: a cigarette pants with a back buttoned blouse.

The pattern of the pants is used many times and altered to my size. The pants have a high/low seam so the seam drops nicely on my feet and shoes. My eldest daughter is temporary working in a men’s clothing business during her vacation. She told me this technique is also used for men pants. The fabric has a little stretch for a comfortabel wear. The patterns for the blouse is a redraft from the Sorbetto. I made an asymmetrical buttoned back and the seam is also high and low. The black fabric used for the collar and the contrast for the sleeve and button plackets is from discarded blouse.

Next month: party time. One year of sewing inspiration and challenges with Kat, Mel and Juliet.

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  1. Oh, what a fantastic hack of the Sorbetto pattern! I never would have guessed that you’d used that as a base. Love the collar and the buttoned back. 🙂


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