Cake fabric, anyone?

Ready for another dose of inspiration for cake month? Today, it’s all about fabric!

It turns out there’s quite a lot of cake fabric out there to be found. Have a look at just some of the beauties spotted online.


First up, classic cupcakes:

Michael Miller It’s a Girl Thing Quaint Cupcakes Gray, $9.20 per yard from

Michael Miller It’s a Girl Thing Mini Cupcakes Purple, $9.20 per yard from

Josephine Kimberling’s Sugar Rush Holiday Cupcakes Green, $9.48 per yard from (also available in red)

Timeless Treasures Cupcakes Multi, $9.48 per yard from

Cupcakes from Spoonflower


Then there’s the cupcakes-with-animals selection:

Eric Carle for Andover Happy Birthday Cupcakes Tossed White/Multi (with the Very Hungry Caterpillar on it!), $9.98 per yard from

Frenchie Pupcakes from Spoonflower


How about sweet-things-that-aren’t-cupcakes?

Flights of Fondant Fancies from Spoonflower

Jaimelesmacarons from Spoonflower

Robert Kaufman’s Confections Cakes Sweet, $9.48 per yard from (also available in pink)


Or even things-that-go-with-cake?

Josephine Kimberling’s Sugar Rush Cups of Comfort Brown, $9.48 per yard from

The Henley Studio Temptations Cake Stands Multi, $9.48 per yard from


Happy cakes? (I wonder if they’re happy about being eaten, or if that hasn’t occurred to them yet….?)

Cakeify and Friends from Spoonflower

Pink Cakes from Spoonflower


I don’t have a name for this grouping but they’re too awesome not to include:

Pin Ups Get Fit from Spoonflower

Bollywood birthday cake from Spoonflower


And lastly, my personal favourite – the creepy cupcakes:

Cupcake Vampire from Spoonflower

Creepy Crawly Party from Spoonflower

Zombie Cupcake from Spoonflower

Which one is your favourite? (I can’t decide between the zombie cupcakes, the vampire cupcakes, and the ones with the Very Hungry Caterpillar on them!) Have you found any other awesome cake fabric anywhere?

6 thoughts on “Cake fabric, anyone?

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  2. All I want to do now is make some zombie cupcakes. I have a habit of making awkward cakes – like my grave cake, and the toilet cake (complete with yellow jelly)!


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