Stripey delight in black ‘n’ white


I’ve been so inspired by the monosewn challenge, I decided to make some more black and white goodness!

Details: Cotton sun top made from Mrs. Depew 50s sun top pattern

Lined cotton shorts made from Wearing History Sailor Girl pattern

I made the top first after seeing some lovely versions popping up here and here, and I do not regret it. The top has that perfect 50s style which I love, it is easy to make, and it’s great to wear in the heat! I made the shorts to match, but in hind sight I think I’ll make another pair of “normal” black shorts to go with the top. Or maybe white capri’s? I only know I will wear this top to death, and don’t be surprised if it emerges again in different versions!

As before, you can view more details and photos here!  Thanks for looking and happy sewing 🙂




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