Monochrome Lekala 4276

Though I love my blog I also love a challenge and it was whilst searching for something online that I could become involved in that I happened across the Monthly Stitch.

So, here goes with my first monthly challenge – July’s Monosewn, which I just managed to squeak into with a couple of days to spare!


This fab mono print was purchased from my local Fabric Land in Brighton and I really couldn’t believe my luck when I looked at the tab and not only was it super priced at £3.99 a metre  but it was called “Daisy” – one of my favourite words!


The  pattern is a Lekala 4276 and is the first PDF pattern I’ve used.  I found it suprisingly easy and would recommend anyone who hasn’t had a go to give PDFs a try.


I did amend the pattern slightly by omitting the collar and keyhole and widening the neckline.  I also added in the ribbon detail to give a bit of definition.

I’m usually a bright colours person but was suprised at how much I love my monochrome and will probably  look out some more mono fabric for future makes.

I’m keeping this post short for my first blog on the Monthly Stitch but my new Mono will be detailed more at DaisyCreatesinSussex.



18 thoughts on “Monochrome Lekala 4276

  1. This is so much fun, great dress and great fit. You have to love fabric land, the very same Brighton one where most of my fabric comes from 😉 Sometimes I don’t believe the prints I find. The glasses make the whole look.


  2. Gorgeous! I love how you’ve used the ribbon to add some definition, great touch. 🙂

    Welcome to The Monthly Stitch!


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