MonoSewn Thrift shop Make-Over

 The Thrift shop find for $11.25. It was my job to make this dress into something different. This was the first time that I attempted to do a make-over. I had ideals that did not work out as planned but I held it together and I came out with a spectacular outfit.  It took me  about two days time to complete  this look and I like it. I did have a run-in with my iron, it was on to high and I scorched the front of the skirt but it’s still wearable. Since this a Mono outfit I decided to add this second entry.  My full post is HERE




12 thoughts on “MonoSewn Thrift shop Make-Over

  1. Look, stop showing out! Haha, just kidding. You do great work. I love to see when you’ve posted something because I know its going to be stunning and today is no different. Wonderful re-working.


    • Thanks! The top-stitching was the hardest, I never done it this much before I just used my regular foot and make sure I stayed steady! This was my first refashion to this degree. I was happy with the results and my daughter loved it.


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