New pattern and no pattern


For this challenge, I made the Singlet top by Teach me Fashion and made up a skirt using my measurements.
I was one of the people who voted for “inspired by” for this month and this skirt does have an inspiration.   It is a mixture of the ideas of what I called my evolution skirt and a ready to wear skirt that I had to retire after many years of loyal service.

I love these two pieces and know that I’ll get a lot of wear out of them.

Fabrics: White cotton from Joann fabrics. There are three different ones, a bright white stretchy one, a more creamy color, and the center one has embroidered flowers that I love. Originally, the flower fabric was in a skirt that I made from a Colette pattern that I never finished. I was going to finish the skirt, but I needed a white top more than I needed a white skirt so apart it came. The skirt is a black, stretchy, black denim also from Joann. I have a lot of this, but I am finally near the end of it.

What I learned: Neat topstitching, how to sew mitered corners (awesome video from Teach me Fashion), and the fact that I have a huge butt. Who knew?

You can see the full entry, with lots more pictures here

Happy sewing 🙂

6 thoughts on “New pattern and no pattern

  1. Really nice top pattern – thinking I could make it myself out of some lovely bits and bobs in the stash. Thanks for the idea!
    Yes, you’re on the right track about make the fly on your skirt a little longer in future, it would definitely make it easier to slip on and off. Like the topstitching detail on it.


  2. The top caught my eye too. Of course now I’m going to have to go check out your blog. Oh and honey, join the club (big butt). I’ve been a member for so long I don’t even recall joining.

    Good work and thanks for sharing.




    • I love it too. I remember I bought it with the idea to make a top, but had no idea what kind of top at the time. I was very excited when I saw Teach me Fashion Singlet because there was the perfect way to show off my pretty. embroidered cotton without feeling bad that I didn’t have enough for the whole thing.


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