It’s our birthday!

Guess what? It’s August! And do you know what that means? It’s our birthday!!!!

Yep, The Monthly Stitch is now one year old!!

And what an amazing year it’s been. We started off The Monthly Stitch because we liked the idea of regular, themed challenges, and we wanted to create a space where the online sewing community could come together and sew and chat. We hoped that maybe a few people would join in, and wow, so many more of you than we were expecting have sewn along with the challenges, joined in discussions on the Facebook group, and follow The Monthly Stitch to read about what everyone’s made. We were blown away with how enthusiastic people were right from the start, with 37 people sewing along with the very first Monthly Stitch challenge – capes.











Want to know how many of you there are now? At the moment, there are 209 contributors signed up to write post on The Monthly Stitch (curious who’s written the most posts? Chris, who’s made 26 things for the challenges and posted about them!).

Chris’ By Hand London Georgia dress


How about what you’ve been writing? So far, there have been 705 posts written on The Monthly Stitch. (That’s an average of 59 posts per month!) Indie Pattern Month in June was the busiest month for posts, with 176 posts written.

And who’s reading The Monthly Stitch? Currently there are 947 signed up to get emails of new posts, and another 192 people who follow using Bloglovin’. (And that’s not including everyone who follows using other readers, or who just clicks through to read what’s going on.) There’s a fair bit of discussion happening as well – 6,460 comments so far on posts. Yay!

Speaking of discussion, the Facebook group keeps on growing as well. There are 395 members of the Facebook group, with at least two more being added every day. And some great conversations happening on things like pattern choices, how to attach lining, what to do with certain fabrics, and all good sewing-related topics.

So yes, it’s been a pretty amazing first year! And we’d like to give you all a big, huge thank-you for joining us, as contributor, as readers, as commenters. You’re all amazing, and we get inspired every day by what you all create!

And now? August is all about celebrating the first year of The Monthly Stitch with…. cake!


Coz really, what would a birthday party be without cake, right?! 😉

So sew up some cake – whether it’s using fabric with cakes on, a pattern named after a cake, a great outfit to eat birthday cake in, or even a garment inspired by a cake! And just for a bit of extra fun, we’d love it if you shared a cake recipe with us in your post – whether it’s for the cake that inspired your creation, or for your favourite cake, we’d love to try it out. (Heck, as an added challenge, why not make a cake and include it in your garment photos like one of our contributors, Gjeometry, did a while back?)

Gjeometry – sewing Cake and eating cake too


Are you taking part in the Sew Cake challenge for August? What are you planning on making?

4 thoughts on “It’s our birthday!

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  2. You have plenty to celebrate! What a great website you have created and administer. I love being a part of it too. You’ve created a site where like minded people can enjoy each other’s creativity, gain inspiration, knowledge, and make new friends. May your second year be even better than the first!


  3. Yay! I just 2 seconds ago, finished blogging my Mono Sewn dress project on the TMS blog and am now in the basement seeking out cake related fabrics, notions and patterns. Happy Birthday TMS!!!! (And, I get to bake and eat cake…win-win!)


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