On the monochromatic track

Hello lovelies! It’s been  while but I ACTUALLY STARTED AND FINISHED A GARMENT!

Sorry, it feels like a while since I managed that. So I’m pretty excited about it. But if I’m honest I wasn’t so jazzed about sewing in black and white for July…. ever since starting sewing for myself I’ve always preferred colours to black, so I very nearly let this challenge slide. But then I remembered a precious rectangle of wool from last winter, left over from a pencil skirt, and in a crusade to save it from the gloomth of my stash, I searched for inspiration and found it on (of course) pinterest.

The pattern, I am sorry not sorry to say, was a hack. Mama Gypsy and I hacked a pattern to extend a princess seam from the bust, all the way up to the shoulder, and then chopped the side bodice and skirt into panels. I had to be really careful to mark which pattern piece was destined for which fabric, as I only *just* had enough black and white fabric to make this dress; by the time I was done there were some rather sad, completely useless skinny shreds, and a glowing feeling of satisfaction that you get when you put something to good use.

The dress was very easy to sew, although I did have a blooper when I sewed the skirt side panels in the opposite direction to where they currently sit. I was really tempted to leave it be as well, because unpicking overlocking is hard at the best of times and nearly impossible when it’s black-on-black, but in the end I decided that the longer angles ending by my saddlebags wasn’t a look I was happy with. So I was a BAD SEAMSTRESS and I didn’t unpick the overlocking…. I chopped it off. My justification is that it needed taking in, so I was killing two birds with one stone. Plus, I think it turned out just fine, so have decided to to let it worry me. There’s a time and a place, and this was neither.

I love this dress because it is exceedingly warm. The long sleeves – I’m thinking of changing to 3/4 length, thoughts? – are bliss in the cold weather but they make me feel very black. So warmth vesrsus breaking it up a bit… tough one, that. It’s also unusual because it’s a dress I’m very happy in without a belt to define my waist, but I think that the panels do a pretty good job there anyway. But am I likely to make another black and white version? Probably not. I’ve got two lovely colourful garments, still unfinished from Indie Pattern Month that I’d like to complete first… which will be perfect for September’s ‘Amnesty Month’!

So I’m keen to hear your thoughts – are you a black and white fan?  What have you got lurking in your UFO pile for Amnesty Month? And most relevant for August, how’s your cake sewing going?? I’ve got my pattern ready!


7 thoughts on “On the monochromatic track

  1. Dress is lovely, and the new hair-do is stunning!
    On the fence about sleeve length, on chilly days like today longer is better, however, as I’m always pushing my sleeves up to my elbows, totally get the 3/4 attraction.


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