Project Indie meet the contestants – Helena from GrayDay Patterns!

Remember Project Indie, which The Monthly Stitch and Dresses & Me were running as part of Indie Pattern Month, looking for a new indie designer to help get them started with their pattern label? Well, we’ve had three amazing submissions for Project Indie, and it’s time to show them to you all!

Firstly, we’re going to introduce you to the three designers – Helena from GrayDay Patterns, Lindsay from Lindsay Woodward Designs, and Charlotte from English Girl at Home. Here’s our interview with Helena from GrayDay Patterns (click through the names for our interviews with the other two designers).

Helena from GrayDay Patterns

Helena from GrayDay Patterns

Hi Helena! Thanks for entering Project Indie – we’re really excited to learn more about you and your design! Firstly, tell us a bit about yourself. How did you get into sewing?
I’m an obsessive seamstress and a fashion-aholic, and the mom of 2 girls. My mother is a professional seamstress, so there was no specific time that I “got into sewing,” it is just something I have always done! But having two adorable daughters to sew for and extra room in our house to keep the sewing machine set up helped motivate me to do it more regularly. And both becoming a parent and entering my 30’s afforded me more patience to enjoy the process, not just hurry towards the end result. Yes, I love new clothes, but now I also enjoy learning the skills while making them. And now I am thrilled to learn the process of pattern drafting!

When did you decide you wanted to start your own pattern label?
I’ve been thinking about making my own patterns for a couple of years because I can’t always find what I want. My style is not a bit retro and I really like unique and stylish clothes that are still comfortable and wearable, since I work from home. There are some beautiful indie patterns being made, but I still sensed a hole existed in more modern, trendy clothes that are not too fussy or fancy. By wearable I mean not too tight, short, or young for a grown up. I want to stay on trend, but I don’t want to look silly!

And this contest is such a wonderful opportunity and motivation to finally DO IT. I really appreciate this forum and I have found so much support during all my interactions with The Monthly Stitchers! I can’t imagine feeling comfortable sharing my pattern with an internet full of strangers, but The Monthly Stitch contributors and readers are already my friends!

How would you describe the the style of your label?
GrayDay style is modern and follows trends, but alters those trend to be easier to wear. The garments are unexpected, but not so “out there” that you can’t wear them in your everyday life. I want you to wear the clothes you make, not just hang them up! The designs will mix into your RTW wardrobe and be things you feel excited and proud to wear. I hope they are unique enough that maybe a friend or even a stranger might ask you “Where did you get that?”

What’s the story behind the name of your label?
My blog name is GrayAllDay because I live in Seattle, Washington, and it is a rainy, overcast climate. When I’m not running marathons, I tend to stay home and I love to cozy up in my sewing room and create! Gray is also one of my favorite colors. I think it looks great paired with nearly every other color and lends a level of sophistication to an outfit.

Now, let’s talk about your pattern design! How would you describe it?
The Sandpoint top is a loose fitting, deep V T-shirt with a surprise cowl in the back. The design can actually be worn either way, cowl in back or front, by just slipping the band back behind the neck. It is easy to feel cute and stylish in this top, but the relaxed fit doesn’t hinder movement or breathing! Go ahead and eat lunch!

What’s your favourite part of your design?
I especially like when the Sandpoint Top is made up in a soft, lightweight knit, it drapes over the body elegantly, without pulling or bunching. Even though it is not fitted, the drape of the fabric and the front and back neckline make it feel sexy.

How did you decide what to call your design?
Sandpoint is a neighborhood here in Seattle. The name calls to mind an easy fitting T-shirt you can wear anywhere.

Want to have a look at Helena’s Sandpoint Top design? Here you go:

Sandpoint Top from GrayDay Patterns

Sandpoint Top from GrayDay Patterns

Sandpoint Top from GrayDay Patterns

Sandpoint Top from GrayDay Patterns

Sandpoint Top from GrayDay Patterns

Sandpoint Top from GrayDay Patterns

You can find out more about Helena through her blog – GrayAllDay.

Want to see what other designs were submitted for Project Indie? Click through to read about Charlotte and her Lou Lou dress and Lindsay and her Senna Dress.

Keep an eye out tomorrow, where we’ll be asking everyone to vote for their favourite of the three designs!

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