“I’m so Embarrassed for her, posting a July Challenge on August 11.” Yes, BUT it’s Part 2 of my original Burda MonoSewn post.

I sewed the tank top version of the monochromatic Burda Dress, (Burda Style 7221), blogged at TMS, here.  And, it’s also delightfully  black and white!  I’ve really been enjoying wearing this colour combo since the sewing challenge.  I had some fitting issues and ‘fixes’ that I employed, but otherwise, I love how it came out!

There are a few questions at the end of the post that ask you what your favourite fabric is to sew / wear.  I’d love it if you could drop by the blog post here and vote!  I’d like to compile a chart to see if there are any fabrics we may be missing in our stash and any that might be easy to sew that we always thought were not.  Thanks for playing along!!

Burda 7221 tanktop front view

The upper bodice is a lightweight quilting cotton and the lower bodice is a striped silk in different textures.  I used the same front and back upper bodice pattern pieces that I used for the dress version.  I had already altered them before sewing the dress, so I ‘knew’ that it would fit.  Right??  WRONG.

When I sewed the upper part in the quilting cotton, I did not take into account that it had a vastly different drape, hand and thickness than the white rayon-blend fabric used for the dress, and the fact that this version was sleeveless.  And… it did not fit.  At all.  The neckline gaped considerably in the front and back (forgot to snap a pic, sorry).  Thing is, I had already completely sewn the entire top (and it is self-lined) so altering it became something of a creativity contest.

Burda 7221 tanktop back view

This is what I did:  I added a long dart in the centre front and centre back, ending at the seam that attaches the lower bodice.  Then, I pressed the darts open, not to the side (without cutting them first, so that everything was still finished off inside).  I then hand sewed the top of the darts to the bodice.  It worked beautifully!  Who knew? Although, it may  have slightly altered the straightness of the empire waist seam. Since the darts extend the length of the upper bodice pieces, it looks like a 2-piece bodice with CF and CB seams.

Darts Added into Centre Front & Centre Back and Pressed Open

I sewed darts into the CF and CB, then pressed them open. How would you fix this fitting issue?

What would YOU have done?   (Besides, of course, the obvious of re-fitting before sewing).

One thing that did not go unnoticed was how easy it was to sew with 100% quilting cotton.  It’s such a breeze to put together, but obviously doesn’t have the same drape and qualities that you might want in your finished garment.  This poses more questions for you:

  1. What is your favourite fabric to sew with and why? 
  2. What is your favourite fabric to wear and why?  (They can be the same fabric or not).

Please drop by this blog post to vote and comment on your favourite fabric and to see more pics / info.

Oooooh, I get MUCH better cellphone reception if I move my giant hat like this!!



7 thoughts on ““I’m so Embarrassed for her, posting a July Challenge on August 11.” Yes, BUT it’s Part 2 of my original Burda MonoSewn post.

  1. Your black & white top looks so good. You did a great job in fixing the problem. It looks so good on you. Now I am going to your blog to vote on my favorite fabric to sew.


    • Thanks! The fix is holding steady, I wore it all day and nothing weird happened to it. I’m excited to go over to my blog and see what is your favourite fabric to sew with!


    • Thank you Rebecca! I’m rather digging the entire outfit of black and white lately. And, thanks so much for going over to the blogpost and commenting on your favourite fabric to sew with!


      • I find during the summer that I gravitate towards black, white, and blue. I didn’t realize this until I looked through my blog archive of projects and saw a lot of blue on the page. 🙂


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