Ever since that (slightly horrible but still pretty funny) romantic comedy “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” came out, I can’t help but refer to all the stones, bling and sequins on our costumes as “frosting.”  For those who haven’t yet been afflicted by this movie, there’s a scene where the lead female accidentally gives the lead male, her nemesis at the time, a perfect ad campaign slogan by referring to diamonds as “frosting.”  There.  Now you don’t have to watch the movie.

So what better way to celebrate this month’s birthday cake challenge than with a new dress project!  This is a dress I just finished, using amazing neon pink stretch lace that I dug out of a huge bin that was probably 5 feet deep at a clearance center in the Los Angeles Garment District about a year ago.  Just a tiny corner was visible, but when I pulled at it, about 15 yards followed, and since clearance fabric is priced by the ounce, not the yard, this lightweight lace was a steal.

The dress is built on fuchsia spandex, with an inset of fuchsia stretch lace over neon pink spandex across the midriff.  Two shades of pink stretch mesh and about 10 gross of rhinestones later it’s finished, just in the nick of time (one of these days I’ll actually finish something ahead of schedule.  No, really.  I mean it).

Paula, US National Championships. Frosting everywhere 🙂

The photos were taken at the US National Championships in Lincoln, NE.  My other frosting projects can be seen here.

Happy Birthday, The Monthly Stitch!

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  1. Wow, I can see you are a true expert when it comes to ice skating fashions. They sure are beautiful dance dresses! They are lucky to have you! The frosting is very sweet! 🙂


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