cappuccino trousers and cake tee

Kat, Mel and Juliet (and Miss Bossy) it’s been a wonderful year with all the challenges.  I’m not a contributor of the first hour, but I’ve been following the side from the first challenge.  I joined with sewing double. What is cake without a cup of cappuccino or tea! When I bought the fabric for this trousers the pattern reminds me of a cup of cappuccino.

The curly pattern is a bit like the latte art, the art of casting decorative designs on a cappuccino. The “artist”, the barista pours with a special technique, the frothed milk into the crema of the espresso. And lets be honest: aren’t we all artist. The trousers are made of my well beloved pants pattern. I can’t remember the source of the pattern. Over the time I’ve made at least 7 pants from this pattern. Last month I used the same pattern, but this time I made different pockets and left out the center seams in front and back. It still has the high/low seams. The fabric came from one of the markets held by Stoffenspektakel.

The tee is a free pattern from sewingcake. This is the first time I made a t-shirt with short kimono sleeves. The fabric come from a local market. It was only 2 euro a meter. There is a gold thread woven into the stretchy fabric, which makes it lovely to wear. It also ads a little bit of sparkelness on this special occasion. I made two changes: a buttoned back and a high/low seam. For contrast I used some black fabric of a discarded T-shirt from one of my daughters.

The topping for this outfit is a tunnel scarf. There was some lining left from my eldest daughter Chanel jacket made for the sewing double challenge. There was also a piece of black fabric left what I used for trying on a pattern I drawn for a sweater.

To complete the outfit I made a crocheted cupcake broche. The broche is pinned on a knotted necklace made from fabric leftovers from cake tee.

It’s always hard to say when jou must judge your own work, but overall I’m pleased with this month result. Because today was my birthday I made a lemon tart for family and friends.
On to the next challenge. Perhaps something from a sewing book combined with one or more challenges.

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  9. Cake with Cappucino, brilliant! I might download that T-shirt pattern, I have a bunch of knits ready to be sewn. And, your little necklace, ahhhhh, I die. So cute.


    • Thanks. It was a delight. My family and friends adored the outfit and the tarte au citron. And last but not least all your lovely compliments.


    • Thank you. I love to wear it. It was nice that everything was ready for my birthday and I was able to make the tarte au citron.


  10. I love all of this, your palette and palate, I really love the button variation on Cake’s T and the fabrics throughout – and yes, that crochet cupcake is so yummy! 😉


  11. Great outfit! I love that you’ve paired ‘cake’ with coffee! 😉 (And that cupcake brooch is adorable!)

    Nice tee variation with the buttoned back – I really like the way you’ve put the buttons in pairs, it’s very effective and interesting to look at. 🙂


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