Colette Rooibos the Second

This dress has been a long time coming 😉

After making my first Rooibos over two years ago I always knew I wanted to make a second but like usual I got distracted by other new pretty patterns.

When we decided to challenge you all to “Sew Double” in April…oh my, it’s worse than I thought, APRIL?!…I decided it was the perfect time to push a second Rooibos up the sewing queue.

I got it most of the way finished and then I stalled, distracted by other projects and pattern testing. More recently, as evidenced by this poor neglected blog, my sew jo has been sadly depleted so it sat on Scarlett (my dress dummy) awaiting side seams, zipper and a hem all this time…

Since this month is our 1st birthday (yay, go us!) and the challenge is “Let Them Sew Cake” I decided that finally finishing my Rooibos could satisfy both my own celebration of dusting off my sewing machines as well as my long overdue Sewing Double challenge…but I needed that little bit of an extra push…

Kat, Juliet and I decided we needed an Editors celebration so we planned a little Yum Cha lunch (Little? Ha! We all know there’s nothing little about a Yum Cha lunch session!) this was to be followed by an urban photography shoot, cupcakes and a TMS planning session.

That was all last Sunday and one week prior I KNEW I had to get my Rooibos completed for photos and really just to get my sew-jo back on track. So of course I didn’t sew at all that week, or on Saturday!

On Sunday morning I got up a 4:30am to drive Nerdy Husband to the airport. I got back home at 6:30am and went back to sleep for 1.5 hours. At 8am I threaded up my machines and got to work, I had 2.5 hours, lots of time right?

The side seam was quick and it felt good to be sewing again. Then after I had the invisible zipper inserted it decided to break which made me mad. Despite reading about this happening to others it’s never happened to me until today. I kept my cool, prodded, cried and begged and eventually got it closing properly. Thank goodness the hem was always going to be a simple topstitched job and I was done! I jumped in the car 15 minutes late but it’s ok to be late for lunch if you are wearing a new dress that you just hemmed.

We had a fabulous lunch and then found a random carpark where Kat took photos mine and Juliet’s new outfits.

I’m glad I finally have my Sewing Double dress finished and I am excited to have my sew-jo back. Look out September! For my next TMS UFO: Miss Bossy is going to get put back in her place 😉

Some more detailed photos on my blog.

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