Let them eat cake…

Because it’s their birthday. The Monthly Stitch is one year old. Birthdays for me are an opportunity for a bit of madness and silly. Soo to celebrate, not only did I make cupcakes, not only did I sew some, but I managed  to sort of dress myself into one too, well sort of. (Long post but mostly pictures)

For the cupcakes I used the recipe for the Green Velvet Cupcake. Below are some very helpful (probably not) step by step instructions.

Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

Let them eat cake

Of course, every celebration requires the appropriate outfit. For this particular one, I finally put my scissors on this hideous, in my opinion garment, that I had to wear as a bridesmaid at a wedding about 3 years ago. Surprisingly it still fitted me.

Let them eat cake

I used the bottom part to create a gathered skirt with an elastic waist band. Very easy to make, although the chiffon was quite slippery.

Let them eat cake gathered skirt and top

The base for the top is no other than the Closet Case Files Nettie, (didn’t I say I was going to make more?) cut on a beige mesh of some sort. For the frosting I used billions of chiffon petals that I spent far too much time cutting and sewing, but it was worth it.

Let them eat Cake Nettie top

The back gapes (is this the right word?) a bit as the base fabric is too thin and the frosting a bit too heavy but still that back, such a great effect! The earrings are handmade and believe it or not they’re paper, a present by the amazing Lefty’s Handcrafts.

Let them eat cake nettie

For the sewn, not edible cupcakes, I used the free pattern from Funky Friends Factory. Lovely to make and they look so cute, admittedly not so professional as lovely Pauline’s.

Felt cupcakes

Now all the work is done, it’s time for the celebrations, eating that is.

No, no I will resist to the temptation

No, no I will resist temptation

oh well, you live once, so delicious

oh well, you live once, so delicious


14 thoughts on “Let them eat cake…

  1. Fabulous and fun proving not all garments made have to be just funcional. that frosting must’ve taken you ages but you’ve done the old bridesmaid top proud. Love the photos and hair.


    • Haha, that frosting, I thought it would never finish, Well its not functional at all as an ensemble but I’m sure I will be given the opportunity to wear the skirt and maybe I’m crazy enough to wear the top as well, although it’s probably going to be worn in some costume party hehe! We do have plenty in Brighton no? Thank you, and the hair was completely random


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