An Organic Cake

In the beginning of my sewing career I loved to sew frosting (exhibit A, exhibit B), but after a while I realised that I didn’t wear satin dresses that often and I couldn’t fill my wardrobe with them. By now you all know of the eloquently put Cake and Frosting metaphor by Sewaholic, right? It’s a hard job, but I’m trying to focus on sewing cake rather than frosting and therefore I will show you a very cake piece.


As I said, it’s very Cake. It’s the free Tee pattern from Cake. I had never tried a Cake pattern before (the Tiramisu is in my stash), but I was intrigued by the sizing system they use. The Tee pattern lets you go back to a childhood game of connect the dots between your full bust size, length of Tee and hip width. I did cheat a bit and made the seam a bit more fitted around my waist. The verdict? It’s a great basic Tee. It was quick to whip up and it fills a void in my wardrobe. I can see myself sewing a bunch of these since the fabric requirement is small and it’s quick. I did have some issues getting the neckband on this v-neck right, I don’t know if the instructions are unclear or I was just lost in translation. It’s not perfect but it works.

Now, let’s talk about my fabric, because I love this fabric. It’s an organic cotton jersey (blended with some lycra) and it’s incredibly soft to wear. It’s too bad that the other fabrics in the organic collection are quite juvenile and in wrong colours for me, because despite being more expensive than the un-organic cotton jersey I feel the extra price would be worth it. So soft!

Casual Tees are needed in my wardrobe and I can see myself making this again (perhaps the round neck version since I struggled with the V-neck binding).


If you wish to see more pictures and learn more details, I have blogged it here.

Happy Birthday to TMS! I treat you to some Chocolate Cake with banana filling and Chocolate/Coffee frosting. Enjoy!

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