Sew Dessert First

This month’s challenge is “Cake” and it’s the perfect opportunity to add some “cake” to a previous TMS project that turned out to be very frosting-y when I tried to wear it in real-life.

This is the Mae Blouse from BlueGingerDoll Patterns, paired with the Scalloped-waist skirt from Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing. The only thing better than having one scallop-edged garment in an outfit is having two at once. Since the blouse is shaped with darts, it doesn’t try to creep up over the top of my high-waisted skirt to make me look all sloppy. The main downside to the blouse is that it does take two to get me into it. I’m not flexible enough to reach the mid-back buttons.

The fabric is a very light-weight cotton eyelet/faux-eyelet. There are holes in it, like eyelet fabric, but where a true eyelet fabric would have embroidery stitching, this one has the designs printed on.

This was a fairly quick and easy project. The scallops took a bit more precision than a standard neckline, but not to the point where it felt tedious. I’m quite happy with the way it turned out, and ever so happy to have something that really goes with the skirt.

Curious about why I felt the skirt was too much frosting and not enough cake? I blogged it here.

Looking for a really good cake recipe that doesn’t involve any frosting at all? Try this cheescake one if you dare. Despite the multiple steps and sink full of dirty dishes involved in creating it, the result is completely worth it.

5 thoughts on “Sew Dessert First

  1. this has a beautiful vintage feel to it and the colours and blouse fabric pattern are divine. Scalloped edges – a new inspiration for me perhaps so thank you


  2. What a great idea – wonderful pairing with the skirt really emphasizing the blouse’s green. And it uses green, which makes it even better, in my view! Lovely outfit, and very interesting post – thank you! del


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