Birthday Cupcakes!

We’ve celebrated two family birthdays in the last week, which coincided with this month’s theme here. My six year old has been asking to do some ‘proper’ sewing on my machine all Summer so we decided to run up some cupcake napkins…

image image

The pattern came from a book called ‘Fabric Scrapping’ by Katie Ebben. It’s a really simple project involving, as the name  suggests, using up your leftover fabric. I tried to find some matching pieces that coordinated, but I imagine they would look just as pretty in mismatched pieces. The pattern simply involves stitching three strips of fabric together, using French seams, and then hemming up.

This is would be a really easy, first project for absolute beginners or ‘mother and daughter’ teams like us 🙂 The only real challenge, if you can even call it that, was finding a happy medium between me wanting to achieve a reasonably ‘neat’ finish and letting my daughter have her own input, clearly whilst keeping her safe!

We managed to make four this time, but could probably do with running up a couple more, who doesn’t enjoy celebrating with cake? 😉 I’m looking forward to getting these out when my daughter’ s older and reminding her of her first ‘proper’ sewing project. If you want to see some more, head over to



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