Amnesty Challenge: Tis the Season to Party in Plum

Pattern: I used the skirt piece from McCall’s pattern 5094, which I have already used a few times and love, and bodice pieces of my own drafting. I had a distinct idea in my head about what I wanted this dress to look like and I decided to draft the pieces to accommodate that idea. That being said, I feel for my first time drafting up pattern pieces I did alright. I found that I needed to tweak the pieces once it was finally assembled so that it fit properly, but that was to be expected.

Fabric: I used a plum color shantung fabric and matching polyester lining with a (not as invisible as I’d like) invisible zipper. I was originally going to make the dress black, as I actually do not own a black cocktail dress, but I saw the plum fabric and just fell in love with it. I decided to use a clear purple bubble button at the back of the neck for added detail.

The Finished Garment: I plan to wear the dress much as you see it here in the pictures with a wide black belt, black strappy heels, and with what is quickly becoming my signature up-do.

Next Time: I am mostly happy with the finished dress. I say mostly because I am overly critical and see things that I could have executed better; those are the elements that I need more experience with – invisible zippers are not my friend.

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