4 Challenges into the Amnesty

I have four challenges to throw into The Monthly Stitch’s Amnesty Pot all rolled into one make:

1. Party (from December 2013)

Well, I could hardly pass this off as cake, could I?

2. Monosewn (from July 2014)

I used a geometric black and cream print. I like this kind of print because it’s small enough not to bother with pattern matching and it isn’t floral (I loathe florals with a passion). It’s a cotton viscose blend with plenty of drape but not too much slinkyness which gives it the best of both worlds handling nicely for both top and bottom weight fabric but also easy to sew and press. The bodice is lined in plain black which breaks up the print a little when it peaks out at the halter knot and bow.

Yes, those are matching monochrome earrings!

3. Franken-indie (from June 2014)

I used three patterns to make this dress: Sewaholic Lonsdale, Burda Style 04-2014 107A and Simplicity 4044 (although only indie patterns were allowed for the competition). The pattern hack was there only to achieve the silhouette of jumpsuit that I thought would most suit my height and pear shape proportions.

4. Sewing Double (from April 2014)

I’ve made a Lonsdale dress before, entering it into The Monthly Stitch ‘New-to-me’ competition for Indie Pattern Month. I’d already repeated the skirt part of the pattern so now I’ve repeated the bodice, I’m fully doubled up.

As always, there’s more commentary on the trials and tribulations of this make on Clipped Curves. Happy Amnesty Sewing!

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