Sew Double Cloches and a Touch of a Bossy Nani Iro Lekala



Anyone remember voting for me to use this wonderful fabric for Miss Bossy Patterns?  Well,  I completely missed the boat and thought I could make it up to you all by sewing up the dress for Indie Pattern Month…I missed that too and was too embarrassed to post here so quietly posted it on my blog when it was finally all made up.  Hurrah for amnesty month!  Guilty conscience begone!  Teal PartyI also thought it would be nice to share a new make with you all giving that you may have already spotted the dress, so I went and made up my second version of the cloche hat above.  

The Sew Double Red Cloche

PatternMadeline by Elsewhen Millinery downloadable PDF

Fabric: thrifted wool and silk.

Ease: Simple

Tidbits: So after my first make I decided to make the seams a little larger (1.5cm) and the fit is excellent now.  I also interfaced both sides of the brim with a thinner interfacing and it is a little stiffer than the last version but still pliable.  Winner.

I finished this hat off with two special brooches, one from each of my grandmothers!

Red Cloche


I also left a gap in the lining so that I could machine sew the outer and lining together (right sides together with the brim in between) and effectively flip the whole thing right side out by pulling it out of the hole.  This gave me a much more secure finish than the ribbon method, as i don’t trust my hand stitching!

Red Cloche

Lessons:  I might play with sewing the brim a touch higher next time.

Score:    4/5 I love this pattern and feel like the more you make hats the better the final product will be.

Ailakki the Skirt

More at this is moonlight if you dare!

7 thoughts on “Sew Double Cloches and a Touch of a Bossy Nani Iro Lekala

  1. Looks great! I love hats too! The only patterns I have for cloche hats are made with fleece. If you make with a different fabric do you just make it slightly bigger as it won’t stretch as much?


  2. I LOVE this fabric and LOVE this dress! Seriously jealous and off to buy that lekala pattern. I love hats too so thanks for the pattern link!


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