Loud golf III – the houndstooth

Very late in putting this post up, call it a kind of amnesty post! Although these trousers were actually made for MonoSewn.

For those of you who haven’t seen one of my previous Loud golf posts, I have a husband who is keen on golf and he found a website about a year ago which had some very loud golf trousers on them. When he saw the cost, I was suddenly told what an amazing seamstress I was and he was sure I could make trousers for him and taken down to Spotlight to purchase material! Now come on, admit it, would you really turn down the opportunity to buy fabric when some is offering to take you at that moment in time? Mm, I thought not! 🙂 Admit it, you’re all as bad as me really!

Anyway, the rest, as they say, is history…

These are the third incarnation of this pattern. The pattern is Vogue 8719, a relaxed trouser pattern which also includes a jacket, the latter of which I’ve not made.

I’m quite practiced in the art of making these now, but have made a few changes from the original. I have changed the inseam side pockets to be slash pockets on the front, which in turn makes these large enough for golf balls/tees, etc.

I have also made the back pockets bigger – the originals just didn’t fit his wallet safely 😉

For more images and information, please check out my blog.

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