Accidentally His ‘n’ Hers

I didn’t intentionally set out to create matching his’n’hers tops for my husband and I!

I had originally mail ordered this merino/poly sweatshirting from The Fabric Store in order to make my husband a second Strathcona Henley.  The shop called me back to let me know there was a fault running along the length of the bolt and asking me if I wanted to choose a different fabric or would it be ok if they just cut me extra to what I ordered.  I went with the second option; the assistant asked me thorough questions on what I was planning on making with the fabric and let me know they would send me out enough to enable me to cut around the fault.  Well, I was pleasantly surprised when the package arrived and there was twice the amount of fabric that I ordered!  I haven’t shopped from The Fabric Store much (since I live 4 hours away from the closest one) but each time I’ve had great service.

I cut out my husbands Strathcona and then realised, working around the fault, I’d also be able to cut out a long-sleeve t’shirt for myself.  I went with the free Plantain pattern from Deer and Doe.

I like this fabric because it’s almost double sided (grey/green) and has an interesting texture.  I gave my husband first dibs on what colour side he wanted, thinking that would be a good way for us not to look like we are t’shirt twins.  He opted for green (even though this is my favourite colour.  Grrrr!)

I sewed my Plantain up first.  My measurements fell between the 38 and 40 so I went with 38.  I think if I was to sew this again in a finer knit then I’d probably even go down to the 36.  I used the grey side for the body and the green side as contrast for the elbow patches and neckline.  I used my sewing machine for all the seams and hems as I was using this project to teach a couple of novice sewers.

It was at this point that my husband decided the green side wasn’t really ‘him’ and wanted grey instead!

I sewed up his Strathcona in the same way as this previous one except I changed to the plain neckline this time around.  I used my overlocker and coverstitch to sew this garment up.


So, yay! Two t’shirts (that we love) for the price of one.  Now we just need to agree on a wearing schedule so that we don’t become known around town as ‘that creepy couple who dress the same.’


Posing with my ‘husband.’  Proof that he does actually exist can be found here.

11 thoughts on “Accidentally His ‘n’ Hers

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  2. It turned out gorgeous! I just had a look at the coat and pants you also made and you are inspiring me. Once the fabric store re opens in my city I am going to make more menswear!


    • Thanks! I’ve just bought my 4th and 5th menswear patterns from Thread Theory and would recommend their designs. Have fun with your menswear!


  3. What the….Mail order The Fabric Store!!! That’s an exciting newsflash! BTW I do love your henleys too. It is such a great pattern and you’ve done it justice. I’ve missed the fabric store since moving away so would love to be able to shop there online.


    • Yes! It takes a while to mail order though as it’s not online. You phone or email with an idea of what fabric you are after and then they post out samples, 10 at a time, and you can then order from that if you like anything.


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