A Couple Months or Decades – Amnesty Regardless!

Back in July, my sewing stars aligned and I was able to combine a fabric, pattern, and sewing challenge that were all at the top of my list into one project!!


I had this beautiful silk in my stash and had vague plans to use it for a jacket lining or something like that. But the more I touched it, the more I wanted to make a top. Then Tasia released Belcarra and I am always eager to sew up her designs. Even better, I had been wanting to get involved in The Monthly Stitch for, oh, a year (yikes!). When I saw the black and white challenge was slated for July, it all came together, and I sewed this up over the 4th of July holiday weekend.


On a mostly related note, I sewed these black Thurlows (with legs narrowed, obvs), too, in February of 2013. I made a mistake that, sigh, I’ve seen a few others make, which is narrowing the leg based on a pair of jeans that I forgot to notice had a teeny bit of stretch. So they’re all fine and good until I try to go up stairs or some such nonsense like that 🙂

Belcarra was just challenging enough to keep things interesting, and I love the breezy / silky / casual yet polished top I ended up with! I liked the line drawing but I think this is one that’s actually even cuter sewn up — the small but interesting details really make it. I even finished the neck and hem invisibly after some inspiration/motivation from Carolyn.



So since I am here for amnesty month, it is obvious that I never got around to posting this in July on TMS. In that way I’m a couple months late. However it also feels like this was a couple decades in the making, since the fabric was originally purchased probably around two decades ago by family friends who have since passed. It feels special to use it for my first TMS make as they were world travelers who sparked my interest in global travel. Since I met our three lovely TMS hosts (and many other lovely ladies!!) on a trip to New Zealand earlier this year, it feels like a nice tribute!

Thanks for reading!

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