Amnesty MONOsewn – Vogue 1285

I think that I’m going to stop saying ahead of time what I’m going to make because it’s a lot of pressure. And I feel like a loser when I don’t finish lol I said that I was going to participate in the TMS MONOsewn challenge back in July… then August. It’s almost October and I’m just now finishing lol. Lucky for me, September is Amnesty Month for the TMS Collective 🙂

I got this white matte jersey fabric from Hancock Fabric’s and I got the piping from the same place. The pattern is Vogue 1285, a Tracy Reese design. I’m pretty sure I cut the straight 10. I originally had a baby pink linen dress planned for this pattern until I realized that 1. It’s for knits and 2. It’s a faux wrap dress. How do I always end up with a FAUX wrap dress? lol

One thing I can say about this dress is that it is not extremely difficult.. unless you like to force difficulty on yourself like I do. I decided to add black piping in select seams and I did not follow the directions. Who do I think I am, right? I decided to ditch the belt loops and use the waist piping as the belt visually. I also did not make the slip that this pattern includes. Since I’ve worn it, I realize why it is needed, though. When I would sit down, that opening at the front opens up a little more than I’d like lol. My friend assured me that it didn’t look as bad as I thought because I WAS looking from bird’s eye view lol duh. I did wear a skirt slip though 🙂

Because I didn’t follow the directions, in order for me to have clean insides, I had to hand stitch (on the inside) the collars and the sleeve bands.

The reason why it took me so long to complete the dress is because I kept messing up! I fixed most of the mistakes though 🙂

I really like the dress but I had a problem trying to finaggle the invisible zipper because of the piping. I ended up sewing the invisible zipper as close as I could get to the piping with the allowance of the fabric staying relatively flat. Then I hand sewed the rest of it.  It gapes open a pretty good amount so I’m definitely going to go back in and try to machine sew the rest of it since I pretty much hand basted it into place. Not visible when my hand is down but … yea, not satisfied.

 ALOT more talking and pics on my blog herrreeeee!

xoxo, Tasha

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